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Twenty Five Doors is about to transform the wine tourism industry in Australia

December 11, 2017

The weekend is coming and you want to plan something extra special.

You’ve heard so much about Australian wines and wineries, so you decide to go on a personalized wine tasting tour. You think to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to savor premium wines from the various wine producing regions within Australia?

You start doing research via the internet, but are soon overwhelmed and confused. You choose a number of wineries and cellars based on intuition, but are unsure if they will be the right ones for you.

You realize that you don’t have enough reliable information to plan a wine tasting tour that will definitely fulfill your expectations. You are unsure what to do. You reluctantly put the wine tasting trip on hold because you want to avoid disappointment.

If this has ever happened to you, then you will be relieved. A new platform has just been launched that will transform the wine tourism industry in Australia. Let me introduce you to…


お手軽にワインを楽しめる方法をご存知ですか。どのようなシステムで、メンバーシップにはいくらかかるのか。今回はそのお得なシステムについてご紹介したいと思います。 そのシステムとはTwenty Five Doorsといって、ワイン好きの人が自分に合ったワインを見つけるお手伝いをしてくれます。しかも使い方はとても簡単です。

Twenty Five Doors Wine Experience

What do you get ?

Twenty Five Doors helps people to discover and connect with their perfect cellar door. What’s more, this platform is so easy to use.

Doesn’t this sound like the smartest way to plan your special wine tasting or a weekend gateway?

Well there’s more.

The founder of this start-up, ROSS MAHLER and his wife, are a true wine industry visionaries.

They have so much to offer anyone who loves wine. It doesn’t matter if you are a wine expert or novice. By signing up to one of his exclusive membership programs on Twenty Five Doors, you are guaranteed to experience a countless number of happy wine experiences.

Now, what else is there?

そのシステムとはTwenty Five Doorsといって、ワイン好きの人が自分に合ったワインを見つけるお手伝いをしてくれます。しかも使い方はとても簡単です。

Twenty Five Doorsの創設者であるRoss Mahlerと彼の妻は、ワイン業界の先を見据える確かな目を持っています。

ご夫婦はワイン愛好家のためにさまざまな特典を用意してくれています。あなたがワインの専門家でも素人でも関係ありません。Twenty Five Doorsの会員になれば、数え切れないほどの幸せあふれるワインを体験できるのです。

Twenty Five Doors Wine Experience

This truly is the smart road to wine happiness that has been created just for you. Why?

Well, Twenty Five Doors allows its members to customise their wine tasting criteria, which it then matches with suitable wineries and cellars. With this personalized information in hand, you can go ahead and book your customized wine tasting trip with the confidence that success brings.

This platform solves the problem from both sides by connecting qualified drinkers with reputable wineries!

Twenty Five Doors is a global platform that supports and invests in the wine industry, as well as independent boutique cellar doors, and this in turn helps raise the bar and improve overall wine industry standards for everyone.

So, are you ready to plan your winery experiences with Twenty Five Doors?

First you have to choose a membership plan.

Twenty Five Doorsはまさに、あなただけのためのワインとの至福の時に導いてくれます。それはなぜでしょうか。
Twenty Five Doorsの会員は、自分好みのワイナリーやワインセラーに見合ったワインテイスティングの基準をカスタマイズしてくれます。こうした自分だけの情報を持ってワインテイスティングの旅に出掛けると、達成感と自信を味わうこともできます。

Twenty Five Doorsはワイン業界に投資をし、独立した高級セラーをサポートするグローバルなシステムです。ワイン業界全体の水準を上げるのにも一役買っているのです。
さぁ、Twenty Five Doorsと一緒にワイナリー体験をする準備はできましたか。



Twenty Five Doors Wine Experience

 Second Door Members – $59

The base membership (Second Door Members) is $59 (per person, charged annually) and this gives you 10 personal cellar door passes every year (for as long as you remain a member), and locks this annual price in for life.

Lifetime no transaction fees in wine clubs

With this code – “memoirsofjustinako/second” you can get 10% off – $49, which is also locked in for life.

Limited to 2,500 members only, available until 31st December 2017.


 First Door Angel Members – $999

For First Door Angel Members, the price is $999 (one time payment).

Limited to only 125 persons, until sold out.

Lifetime Exclusive membership, inclusive 20 premium experience passes & no transaction fees charged in the wine club

With this code – “memoirsofjustinako/first” the first 5 people will receive special 5 personal passes per year for life. That is an extra $75 of value every year!

 Membership is transferable, to your family or friends. 

How to redeem?

Simply go to

Choose redeem section and enter promotion code : “memoirsofjustinako/first” or “memoirsofjustinako/second”

Second Door Membership:

年間59ドル こちらの会員になると、会員の間は毎年10か所のセラーを訪問できます。年会費は変わりません。 ・高級ワインセラーを10回体験 ・ワインクラブの年会費は固定制 割引コード”memoirsofjustinako/second”をご利用いただくと、10%割引の49ドルになります。こちらも毎年同じ年会費です。 割引は2017年12月31日までにお申し込みいただいた2,500名様限定です。

First Door Angels Membership:

会費999ドル こちらのお支払いは1回払いのみで、125名限定です。締め切りはありません。 永年のメンバーシップで、特別な体験のできるパス20回が付いています。ワインクラブでの手数料はかかりません。 割引コード”memoirsofjustinako/first”をご利用いただくと、先着5名様には毎年5回分のパーソナルパスが付いてきます。これは年間75ドル相当の価値があります。 メンバーシップはご家族やお友だちに譲渡していただくこともできます。 引換方法 www. XXXX .comにアクセスしてください。



Twenty Five Doors Wine Experience

Twenty Five Doors Wine ExperienceTwenty Five Doors Wine Experience

Twenty Five Doors Wine Experience

Pictures taken by Julius Garofali website
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