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My favourite hand made two piece set from Nun Bangkok

May 10, 2017
my styling nunbangkok two piece set

I’ve stumbled across this brand on Instagram and  when I saw this sandy pink two piece set on their online store- it was almost like love at first sight..

When I read that everything they make  is “proudly hand made and hand hammered with great attention to detail”  I knew that there’s only one thing left to do- buy this beautiful piece of clothing! The name of the brand is NUN BANGKOK and as you can guess they’re based in Thailand. I like the idea of supporting small, local brands rather than popular high fashion designers. I guess there’s punk & DIY spirit in my heart. .

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FASHION Japanese street fashion


April 21, 2017

This photoshoot has a special meaning to me for two reasons.


First of all, it was taken only a few days before I left Japan for good, and  it was just 5 degrees outside so my nose turned red pretty quickly (unlike Japanese noses which don’t seem to change color, lucky them).

The second reason is because of the special connection I had with these two Canadian gentlemen.

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