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April 21, 2017

This photoshoot has a special meaning to me for two reasons.


First of all, it was taken only a few days before I left Japan for good, and  it was just 5 degrees outside so my nose turned red pretty quickly (unlike Japanese noses which don’t seem to change color, lucky them).

The second reason is because of the special connection I had with these two Canadian gentlemen.

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Cosplay Manga and Anime Festival in Osaka

August 29, 2015
cosplay manga japan nipponbashi osaka parade

Do you want to join the world of anime, manga and video games for a day?

           You do !?

  Ok, so I want to take you to the most colorful and crazy part of Osaka called Nipponbashi, similar to Tokyo’s well known Akihabara. Den-Den Town is the heart of Nipponbashi and is the ultimate destination for anime, manga, video games and electronics shops.

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