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TADAO ANDO’s wonderland

December 13, 2016
Tadao Ando's wonderland

 Tadao Ando and his world

Tadao Ando

安藤 忠雄

Born in Osaka in 1941, a Japanese self-taught architect who spent his early years as a professional boxer and truck driver, until he changed course, taught himself architecture and eventually became one of the Great Fathers of contemporary architecture. He does not even have an architecture degree. But who really cares? He said:

“It wasn’t that I had any great dream of being an architect. I just wanted to make things. Whether it was furniture, painting, interior design, or architecture. I just wanted to create something.” – Tadao Ando

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August 17, 2016
memoirs of justina ko

Have you ever wondered why some people are always smiling and happy? What is so different about them, and how do they maintain their enviable state of mind? I used to be one of those people who tried to figure this out. I came to the conclusion that constantly happy people led perfect lives, otherwise how could they be so positive?

Back then, I dreamt about achieving a perfect life so that I would be happy all of the time. Now, knowing what I now know, I’m pretty sure that all of those happy people who I was so envious of didn’t have such perfect lives after all. But here’s the thing. Life will never be perfect. The real reason for some people to always be happy is the way they handle their downfalls in life. Lets take a closer look at this idea.

I was born in Poland and I lived there until I was in my 20ies.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that the mentality of Polish people is not the most positive. People there have a tendency to complain on just about anything. Perhaps the gloomy weather affects their moods. Thinking that way alters the way people lead their lives, and being immersed in all this negative energy meant that I also complained incessantly. Negativity is contagious! If I had stayed in Poland, I would have lived a life full of negative thoughts, but luckily for me something changed.

Trip to Asia

I always wanted to know more about other cultures and countries. Starting my life journey to ASIA has made a huge impact on my perspective of the world and myself. I still believe that there’re plenty of adventures and experiences ahead of me but to be honest, I think I’ve already experienced the most important lesson of life. Yes, A lesson of life. I don’t want to come across as sounding like a braggart or an enlightened soul, but I can surely say that I have been reborn, and as a result, I became a better version of myself, just like that. However, there’s still plenty of work to do, but I firmly believe that I’m on the right track.

How do I know this? I’ve discovered something that I want to share with you.

Firstly, what made me realize that my inner self had changed were my old Polish friends. They would constantly ask me, “What has happened to you? How do you maintain your positive energy and where do you get it? How do I change myself to be like you?” So what caused this noticeable inner change?

All of us are basic human beings. We take things for granted. We wake up and start our daily lives. We work, make money, buy things, and try to enjoy ourselves. But we don’t usually stop and think, “Oh, I am able to wake up and get out of bed. How wonderful is that?” I mean, think about your health and your body. You are healthy and that’s why you can wake up and live your life. Now, unless you get sick, you won’t be able to appreciate how great it is to be healthy. Most of the people who have experienced a serious disease and recovered from it will understand what I am talking about. Those people do change and they appreciate every minute of their lives after they recover. Recovering from a major sickness makes you realize what’s really valuable in life.

Okay, so you haven’t experience a major illness and recovered from it. How can you make yourself feel like those people? Again we are just humans, we can try empathy but it’s most likely that we won’t be able to dramatically change our way of thinking enough to be like them.

The answer to this is:

To change your thoughts on the way you perceive things in life.


This isn’t simple but it’s doable. Our mind is the most powerful part of our body. I am serious. I’ve tried it and it worked for me.






It takes practice and training to maintain a positive state of mind while stopping the creation of negative thoughts.

Be on the alert for negative thoughts ALL OF THE TIME. Even one negative thought can set you off for the whole day, so it is crucial to start a habit of thinking only positive thoughts. You can learn how to do this and once you have done this, you will be able to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind in seconds.




Try to change the way you look at things, and no matter how bad the situation is try to find the positive aspects of it.

I know this can be hard, especially as things can get pretty ugly. But remember, positive thoughts create positive outcomes, so if you keep believing that better days will come, they will come sooner than you think. How do I know this? Because sometimes things are just meant to be in life, and when they happen, they should teach us a valuable lesson in life. Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, I try to think of all the positives aspects to it that I can, and I try to learn what life lesson is being taught. Also, I believe that the power of the universe is always on our side so we are never alone.


Remember this : Once your mind gets used to the flow of positive thoughts it will be much easier to think positively on any given situation.



Stop for while.

Take your eyes off your mobile phone and take a break from trying to catch that Pokémon monster. Be grateful that you are alive. Appreciate nature and your surroundings. This will make you feel happy and lucky to be where you are. GRATITUDE IS IMPORTANT.





Some might say it’s nearly impossible to stay positive all the time.

Of course, I do have my moments when I want to disappear from the world and never come back, so when I feel that the negative energy flow is way too strong (it usually last couple of minutes, but it might be enough to spoil my mood) what I do is I listen to positive affirmations and meditate just before going to bed. Believe me, the next morning I wake up as if I am a new person. I am all smiley and happy.




Lots of negative thoughts come from stress.

A lot of people regularly consume alcohol to help them relax and feel happy. But is this habit healthy? Does alcohol really make you feel better or does it actually make you feel worse? I guess you know the answer. DO I sound like a granny? I know, I know. But believe me when I say, “ I’ve been there too!” So what I worked on was replacing alcohol with a good habit. I like running and I do “stress runs” whenever I have a problem. These runs are different from drinking alcohol as they help to get rid of bad energy in a healthy way. It’s all about working out what your good habits are and then applying them whenever you are confronted with negative energy. Good habits are essential. My body can’t take much bad energy, so when I start to experience it I go for a run. It’s the same with negative people and negative auras, when I encounter them I run for hills.




Never think badly about yourself.

Love who and what you are. If there’s anything you don’t like about yourself, work on improving yourself. Don’t hate yourself! Even one bad thought can break your spirit and cause more damage to your inner self than you might ever think.


Is my life perfect? No it certainly isn’t. But I am happy and grateful for who I am and where I am. I couldn’t be happier in my life than how I feel right now.

I hope that you can reach this contented state of being, too. It’s worth trying because it feels great to feel so empowered, and being really happy generates an infinite amount of positive energy that comes from within! Trust me, I changed myself, so why can’t you?

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memoirs of justina ko hanko japanese signature justina ko red ink inkan