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Ooops .. I did it again! Rooftopping 今日のスタイル

September 22, 2016
memoirs of justina ko

This time on the rooftop of the building I’ve been living for 2 years already…Time flies so fast.


I’m wearing :

beige top – UNIQLO

ripped jeans – Fig and Viper

Sneakers- Nike Limited Edition 2014

 corduroy hat-  bought in LUCUA 1000

memoirs of justina ko

memoirs of justina ko

memoirs of justina ko rooftop

memoirs of justina ko rooftop

pictures by kumanosuke photography


Lantern Festival in Nara

September 3, 2016
lantern festival in Nara

Every year for ten days in August in Nara about 3,000 lanterns are placed around Kasuga-Taisha Shrine and along the pathways leading to the shrine. The effect is magical – if you’re in town on these dates, you can’t miss it !!!

This event is called Tokae Lantern festival which has continued for 800 years and most of the lanterns have been donated by ordinary citizens of Nara city. The main days of this event are on 14th and 15th of August.

Lanterns are believed to guide the souls of the deceased back to their families. The wishes and prayers of the living are conveyed to the gods and the spirit world by writing them on the lanterns, giving them the greatest chance of being fulfilled. In order to share that tradition of fire Nara created the Tokae Lantern festival, a 10-day long lantern festival.

One of the best events is the Night Visit to Todaiji’s Great Buddha on the 13th and 14th. The most interesting feature of this event is that the small window at the front of Todaiji is opened and the giant Buddha statue’s face can be seen peeking out, glowing due to the candles’ illumination.

lantern festival in nara

lantern festival in nara

lantern festival in nara

lantern festival in nara

lantern fesitval in nara

lantern festival in nara

lantern festival in nara

All pictures taken by me;


Getting There

  • Kintetsu Line – Kintetsu Nara Station is the closest station to the main festival grounds. It is also the terminus of all Nara bound Kintetsu Line trains from Kintetsu Kyoto (¥620), and Osaka-Namba (¥560) Stations. Getting a bus from there to the Daibustudenmae Bus Stop (¥210) is the fastest way to get to the main Tokae Festival grounds. Walking from there grants the opportunity to see the displays at the Prefectural Office or Kofukuji Temple
  • JR Lines – Yamatoji Rapid and Direct Rapid service trains depart from Osaka Station 4 times an hour and terminate at Nara (or pass through it on their way to Kamo,¥800). From Kyoto Miyakoji Rapid service trains depart for Nara twice an hour (¥710). From JR Nara Station go out the east entrance and get a bus from platform 2 (¥210) to Daibutsudenmae. Getting off at Kenchomae allows one to take in the displays at the Prefectural Office and Kofukuji Temple before continuing to the main site.

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