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Pros and Cons of living in Japan

INTRO Since my first trip to Tokyo, it became my dream to live in Japan.  I can’t really explain why. As a child I used to watch some Japanese cartoons but I wasn’t interested much in Japan.   Once upon a time….…

February 23, 2017

A shade of white – New beginnings-今日のスタイル

On a cool, crisp, winter’s day I went to Yumebutai on Awaji Island. 涼しい風の吹く爽やかな日に,私は淡路夢舞台を再訪した。 I don’t know why this place truly captured my heart, but it made me come back so that I could take more pictures of its beautifully designed complex of buildings…

February 13, 2017

The 5 coolest shops in OSAKA

It’s not strange to discover that people who visit Japan generally thrive on shopping here. Recently, foreign visitors have been permitted to shop “tax-free”, which makes this activity even more tempting. You just have to show your passport and you can save a few bucks!…

January 1, 2017
Highlights of Amazon TFW SS17
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Highlights of Tokyo Fashion Week ss17 -COTE MER and NAME

COTE MER Designers: Norio Sato / Seishi Naito The self-taught Japanese designer, Norio Sato, a former vintage clothes buyer, has been receiving widespread acclaim for his distinctive and innovative approach to fashion. In 2008 he founded the Cote Mer brand with Japanese pattern maker…

December 31, 2016
Tadao Ando's wonderland
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TADAO ANDO’s wonderland

 Tadao Ando and his world 安藤 忠雄 Born in Osaka in 1941, a Japanese self-taught architect who spent his early years as a professional boxer and truck driver, until he changed course, taught himself architecture and eventually became one of the Great Fathers of contemporary…

December 13, 2016
Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week SS17

Highlights of Amazon TOKYO Fashion Week ss17 YOSHIKIMONO

This year TOKYO FASHION WEEK kicked off  by Japanese rock star and fashion designer Yoshiki of X-Japan. He took to the stage to perform music in an artificial rain as models strutted by on the runway in his futuristic kimono creations under the name YOSHIKIMONO .…

November 20, 2016

Neon.Lit.World -styling of the night 今日のスタイル

I’m living in neon lit world.. Gradually neons are disappearing from Japanese streets, being replaced by LED signs . The neon-drenched streets are my favorite places of  Japan. You can feel like the time has stopped there….  For this styling I combined street style with traditional…

October 16, 2016
memoirs of justina ko

Ooops .. I did it again! Rooftopping 今日のスタイル

This time on the rooftop of the building I’ve been living for 2 years already…Time flies so fast.   I’m wearing : beige top – UNIQLO ripped jeans – Fig and Viper Sneakers- Nike Limited Edition 2014  corduroy hat-  bought in LUCUA 1000 pictures by…

September 22, 2016